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Census Report: Troost Ave. 25th Street- 27th Street

Troost Avenue is a main artery that runs north to south through Kansas City, Missouri and though it appears to only be a road it is also representing a defined dividing line of people in the city. Through the use of census data from the years 1950, 2000, and 2010 a comparison of the census tracts 41, 42, 43, and 162 will show the differences and similarities of people on both sides of Troost Ave. from 25th street to 27th street and why a new tract arose after 2000.

Troost Ave. From 25th street to 27th street

The 25th through the 27th blocks of Troost Avenue have since at least 1885 been primarily residential homes. With many of the properties to the west having single family homes and the east side morphing from similar homes into apartment homes it endorses the idea of Troost being the racial dividing line with whites on the west and blacks on the east. The are is now a large apartment complex to the west and currently abandoned and  barren to the east with a new development soon to come.

25th and Troost West side 1940
25th and Troost East side 1940