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Information for two blocks North of Independence Ave and on either side of Prospect

The two blocks I have been studying are North of Independence Ave and on either side of prospect. Digging up data has shown various trends for the area and Kansas City in general. The two graphs shown show how the rent and house prices have steadily gone up in a similar way over the years.
Other data, not necessarily correlating to the graphs, shows how the white population for the census block that my two blocks are located in, has diminished over the years. In 1950, the population was completely white. In 2000, the white population only made up 38.1%. City wide, in 1950 the white population was 87.4%, and in 2000, the citywide white population was 62.5%. It’s interesting to notice how the particular area my blocks are in has grown substantially more multicultural than the city overall.


Either side of Prospect and between Independence and Amie/Elma streets

The two blocks between Independence Avenue and Amie Street/Elma Street, on either side of Prospect Avenue, are a primarily Suburban family area with almost 40% multi-unit homes. North from the blocks is Garfield elementary school, which is a rebuild of the original school established in the late 1800s.
A random sampling of 12 single-family houses within the two blocks puts the average cost of each one at about $86,000. Observing the neighborhoods, the cars are all used, there are a few houses that are condemned, and the majority of the parking is off-street. The lots are small. The neighborhood is close to Independence although it is in Kansas City. Bus 24 runs along Independence Avenue, making the neighborhood accessible to people without cars. Snyder’s grocery is on the southern portion of the block between Prospect and Montgall Ave. There are a few other businesses across the street, such as a Halal mart. The area has the necessities for a family to survive, but not thrive.
There are less buildings than there were in the 50s, in particular, some apartment buildings were repurposed such as in Amie Court, and others, such as at Stonewall Apartments, burned down in 2015. There are also less, but larger houses, and other structures on plots of land such as sheds and such have been taken down. However there are significantly more than there were around the turn of the century.