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Historical Map Analysis

The assigned area is located within the boundaries of the Palestine East Neighborhood based on data retrieved from Open Data KC. The Palestine East Neighborhood is described as far North as Linwood Blvd, East to Jackson Avenue, as far South as 39th St. and West to Cleveland Ave. The built environment within the assigned area consists primarily of single-family residential structures. There are no multi-family residential structures located within the assigned boundaries.

According to the City of Kansas City Parcel Viewer, most of the residential structures were built in the early 1920’s. The approximate building area of the residential dwellings inside the designated boundary range between 800 and 1100 square feet. Residential is the dominant land use type. The built residential structures are in close proximity of one another. Dwellings face 35th St. on the North and South side of the street and are set back providing frontage for green space. Most residential structures have green space in the rear of dwellings as a buffer between residential structures on side streets.

Social explorer revealed some statistical information. The designated area was in census track 57. Listed below are some the statistics retrieved from that source.

  • Population 1950: 3,935
  • Population 2016: 2,164
  • Owner occupied housing 1950: 1248/1261
  • Owner occupied housing 2016: 482/842
  • Race: 1950 – 100% Non-Black

2016 – 89% Black

In conclusion I did not find a lot of statistical information prior to the year 1960. The area upon observation is neighborhood oriented. The people I encountered during my walk through were friendly and helpful. In my opinion the area could use an alternate option for small food items, hot meals, and fresh fruits and vegetables. The roadways were well paved, and signage was visible on all side streets in the designated area. Due to low traffic both by pedestrian and vehicles the area was seemingly tranquil.