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35th Street: Benton Blvd to Indiana Ave

Armour Boulevard runs east from Broadway Boulevard lined by old, stately apartment hotels to eventually become 35th Street at The Paseo where it then continues to run east to the city limits lined by ever younger single family homes. My assignment was to study a couple of the blocks along 35th St. between Benton Boulevard to Indiana Avenue. These blocks have seen a rise from undeveloped farm land to a strong and stable neighborhood, yet they have also seen a decline into a dis-invested and high crime state; a common tale of many neighborhoods across this city. These particular blocks of 35th Street are characterized by the early 1900s single family homes that line its streets. It is also characterized by a skeleton of what used to be a thriving neighborhood retail center at the intersection of Indiana Ave. and 35th St. As this area stands seemingly locked at a low point of decline, only one and a half miles west along the same stretch of road neighborhoods ache with the pains of “gentrification” while their nearby neighbors to the east ache with the pains of houses being shot up. An interesting and stark contrast to close on between these nearby eastern and western neighbors.