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Hardesty and Oakley

My area consisted of Hardesty Avenue and Oakley Avenue on 35th street. This area today is close to Van Brunt Boulevard and has not much development around and just a few houses. One of the most interesting things that I came across was the simple fact that as black families moved in white families fled for segregated neighborhoods. Taking a look at 1950 census data shows 3,214 white people lived in this census tract. In 2000 only 91 white peopled here. This alone was very shocking

Hardesty and Oakley Ave

In the past he area between Oakley and Hardesty was very normal. Houses existed side by side. A small church existed and everything seemed fine for this little niche on Kansas City’s east side.  However, as years passed by most houses were demolished and very few replaced them. However they are bigger in size now. The church ” Thirty Fifth Street Baptist” was expanded to the west. This all happened as the population surrounding the church downsized.  Thirty Fifth Street was also cut off after Oakley to create a park off of Stadium Drive.