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Census Analysis E 26th to E 28th in 1950-2000-2010

In summary, I am surprised how much of the population has decreased in the area. In the 1950’s the total population was recorded at 18,521; and has decreased to 5,617 in the year 2000, and decreased a bit more to 4,957 in 2010. House abandonment and new development have played a huge role as I have noted from the Sandborn map analysis. Education after high school has increased from the 1950’s but there seems to be very small decline in the span of 10 years from 2000 to 2010. Race in general has also not stayed the same, as there was a decrease in white population over time, with 54.4% being African American/Black and 45.4% White in 1950. The 2000 census data showed a huge decrease in white population in the area in 50 years, with only 1.7% of white occupants in the area, and 94.7% of the population being African American. Though white population in this area has begun to increase over the recent years, as have minority races, that aren’t African American/Black.

Analysis of Prospect Avenue: E 26th to E 28th

Beginning in the intersection of east 26th and Prospect Avenue, looking at the Digital Sanborn maps from 1885 to 1896, not a lot of the land was at use. In comparison to the maps from 1909, a lot of new structures were built within that time period. There appeared to be at least one structure per parcel. The buildings proximity to the street has seemed to have a decent amount of setback, possibly due to the refinishing of the roads over the years.

When looking at the figure ground diagrams, it is easy to see how much has developed over time since the late 1800’s, and as of recent years. Back when there was not a lot of land being put to use, there was less traffic around the area. And when looking at the most recent figure ground on the right, roads have been annexed in order to fit bigger buildings, like the Kansas City Police Crime Lab.

1950s-figure-ground recent-sanborn

One of the buildings that has great history in the area, is The Green Duck lounge that is located on 26th and Prospect. This lounge has had made Kansas City history as it was the place in which one of Kansas City’s well known civil rights leader Leon Jordan, was murdered outside the lounge. The Green Duck has had a rough past of having numerous murders happen around the premise, and since then has closed, as the owner, Jimmy Townsend had similarly faced the same fate as what many have at the doors of his business, in late 2015.

As of recent, there has been new construction in the intersection of 27th an20160913_125603d Prospect. Two new buildings, the Kansas City Police Crime Lab, and one that is currently still being developed. When visiting this area, I was astonished by how the different this area was in comparison to the surrounding area. Of course when new construction is almost finished, there is new grass planted, as well as some greenery to help liven the area. But once you pass the area, east or west, the neighborhoods look as they need to have the same treatment.