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Census Analysis

My part of Armour was between Gillman Rd and Cherry St.  The most interesting trend that I saw within my Census data was the changing Median age in my area. In 1950 the median age was 38.1, in 2000 the median age was 32.9, and in 2010 the median age was significantly lower at only 31.5.  As the median age decreased, so did the median income.

Jose Cantu- Cherry to Holmes

My portion of Armour Blvd between Cherry and Holmes developed very early on. Originally there were 3 large mansion homes that stood out very clearly from the surrounding small homes. In 1914 one of the mansions was mentioned in a Kansas City Star article called, “Beautiful Homes of Kansas City”. In the early 1920’s the entire area was leveled to make room for what is now called the Kenwood apartments, but the Kenwood apartments we see today were rebuilt to hold more people in 1966.

Kenwood apartments