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My assigned blocks were 35th and Prospect Avenue through Chestnut Avenue. This is a low income neighborhood that revealed some very interesting census data. The most intriguing piece of data I found for this area was the racial demographics. In 1950, this area was almost all Caucasian. There were over 8,000 Caucasian people and only 18 African American people in this neighborhood back in 1950. As of 2010, this data has virtually flipped. There was a big decrease in population through those 60 years, so now there are 19 Caucasian people and 1,918 African Americans. Throughout the past 60-70 years, we’ve seen most of the Caucasians move out of the city and into the suburbs, while African Americans have moved into the downtown area.

35th Street (Chestnut and Prospect Avenues)

The block I was assigned was between Chestnut and Prospect Avenues on 35th Street. This turned out to be a very interesting area to study because it was a combination of residential, commercial, and public real estate. After my visit I was surprised by how peaceful and serene this neighborhood was. There were people out shopping and just having a good time. It seemed like a nice place to live as there is a grocery store, small convenience stores, gas stations, and contemporary-style homes. I enjoyed being in a neighborhood with older homes and buildings because it gave me an appreciation for early 20th century American design.