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Agnes Avenue to Benton Boulevard

Analyzing the census data from 1950, 2000, and 2010 for the blocks along 35th Street from Agnes to Benton was an illuminating experience. If I had ever perceived dramatic racial turnover as a myth, here was data and proof that it was not. From 1950 to 2000, the area of Kansas City named Oak Park Northwest, where my blocks are located, went from being almost 100% white to almost 100% African American in their demographic makeup. This was especially interesting, as many of the ideas of racial segregation that we typically think of occur before the 1950s and the historical Brown v. Board case, but here it shows that the 50s instead of desegregation were the beginning of a whole new set of circumstances that prevented integration and equal housing.

Agnes Avenue to Benton Boulevard and E. 35th Street

Looking out over the charming streets of Oak Park Northwest, the homes all look very old and very charming. Beautiful blue mansions crown the street corners. While doing my research on these particular area of E. 35th Street, I became aware that these primary observations were valid. Although at the turn of the century this portion of E. 35th St was undeveloped, by 1925 the area was completely filled with residential housing that remains much the same as it is today. The majority of the homes lining Agnes Avenue, Bellefontaine Avenue, and Benton Boulevard have been there since before the 1925 Cencus. Only one home along the block dates to a newer time than the 1910s and 20s. This gives the streets an untouched, historical flair.