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Volker to Brush Creek

Exploring this part of the city and its physical environment over time through maps and on foot left me wondering about the citizens and their living conditions. Through census analysis this picture became slightly clearer. However, the optimism¬† I felt after the previous historical analysis quickly came to an end while I poured over the numbers that shined a light on how truly divisive this street has always been.¬† During the 50’s the prosperity and education were equal on both sides only to a population that was nearly 100% white. By 2000 the line was drawn and while the West side continued to flourish the East continued to decline.

After finishing the project my feelings on investing in public education became even more strong

Volker and Brush Creek Boulevard

Brush Creek West
Brush Creek East

While first gathering information in the field, I started on the bridge located above Brush Creek at the intersection of Troost and Volker Boulevard. From the start, a clear physical difference between the west side of Troost and the east became apparent. Viewing from the west, a picturesque landscape can be seen before the backdrop of the Plaza. Directly across the street the landscape drastically changes. Curved open pathways become linear and confined, green grass turns to gravel and the view of open blue skies become obscured by towering power lines.