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Euclid to Brooklyn Avenue Census

Blocks Euclid Ave to Brooklyn Ave on 35th street underwent much development from 1950 to 2010. A seemingly quiet residential street next to Highway 71, these blocks changed very dramatically in educational attainment over the years in different ways. In 1950, the percentage of residents with a high school degree was only 31.%, and climbed to 58.4% in 2000. Amazingly, it increased 26.9% in just 10 years, the final percentage of residents with a high school degree being 85.3% in 2010. Unfortunately, the story was not the same with bachelor’s degree recipients. The percentage of residents achieving a bachelor’s degree in 1950 was 7.1%, and peaking at 9.7% in 2000. Sadly, the percentage dropped completely in 2010, settling at 0%.

35th and Euclid-Brooklyn Avenues Allison Harris

35th street 1909 map 35th Street in the Ivanhoe Northeast neighborhood bridges over a bustling highway before turning into a quiet community roadway, a street serving as the backdrop for my historical map and photo analysis research project. The blocks of Euclid Avenue, Garfield Avenue, and Brooklyn Avenue, on 35th St, underwent much change over about a century of development in Kansas City-beginning in the early 1900s as blocks with a house on every lot, and even a few commercial ventures on the corner of Brooklyn and 35th. Over time, a streetcar line was put up on Brooklyn Avenue in the early 1920s, connected to what was once a vast system of streetcars across the metro area. Soon enough though, the mainstream use and ownership of the automobile set in, and the streetcar down Brooklyn Avenue was swapped for a highway down what was once Michigan Avenue. Now, these blocks look much different and less picturesque than they once did on Sanborn Maps and the 1925 Atlas- nearly half the lots on these particular blocks sit empty, and the homes originally built in 1905 now are worn and old. The roadways and sidewalks of the neighborhood are in disarray and in need of repair. This section of 35th street has changed much over the years and growth of Kansas City.