Census Data of Troost Ave. 10th-13th Street

The 1950’s was the prime time for Troost Avenue, but it has only seemed to decline over time. Data was collected from the Social Explorer website and was pulled from census tracts on Troost Avenue, between 10th and 13th street, Kansas City, Missouri, and the Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA). Since the 1950s, majority of the population in Kansas City, the metro area, and the west side of Troost has remained white, but the east side of Troost Avenue has steadily continued to grow in its black population. In 2000, over 92% of the population on the east side of Troost Avenue was documented as black. On the other hand, only 12.5% of the population of the metro area appears to be of the black population. The data collected express that majority of the metro area population is of the white population and the small amount that is of the black population is settled to the east side of town. Over the last 60 years, Kansas City appears to have become more diverse. Kansas City, Missouri has gone from over 87% of a white population down to 59.2% and has over 10% of a population that defines themselves as other.

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