25th and 28th Street

For the Historical Map and Photo Analysis project I was assigned the 25th and 28th street blocks. The streets were not included in the early 1895 Sanborn maps due to their higher numbers. 25th street in its early period was lacking much development. The Sanborn maps showed one or two buildings per page. As the maps moved more westward there was evidence of more development and the area appeared more commercial. For 28th street the earliest Sanborn maps were similar to 25th street with buildings spread sporadically throughout the images. Current developments of the streets support the early Sanborn maps. 25th street is a residential area for the most part but as you move further westward the scenery changes to a more commercial area, with the UMKC hospital hill campus in the area. For 28th street it remained more residential with the development of several parks in the area and also the union cemetery.

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