Thursday, January 27, 2022
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Women’s soccer scores big with record breaking season

The size of a kangaroo’s pouch is not big enough for all of the awards and records now held by the roos of the women’s soccer team. Aside from finishing with a record 16 wins, the team swept awards handed out by the Western Athletic Conference (WAC).

“This year was one of our best and it came as the team played one of their toughest schedules,” said Head Coach Chris Cissell.

The team finished 16-4 and this season with victories over K-State and Iowa State, and a narrow loss to ranked Oklahoma State

“It was huge because we were up 1-0 against them and even though we lost, it showed that we could play against the bigger power five schools,” said Cissell.

One of the team’s biggest goals this season was to win both the regular season WAC championship and the tournament which would qualify them for the NCAA tournament. The team won the regular season title and made it to the tournament final before losing to Seattle University 1-0.

“It was a tough loss and we have to figure out how to make it over the hump,” said Cissell. “We have won three regular season championships in five seasons.”

Despite the loss, the team did have a memory they are likely never to forget.

“We were losing 2-0 at K-State and came back to win 3-2,” said Cissell “This will be one the girls should remember as it was on a big stage.”

According to Cissell, the wins over quality teams like K-state and showing they can hang around against a ranked team will only help their reputation grow which helps attract players and play bigger teams..

The other major accomplishment by the team was being ranked eighth in the Pacific region. This was the first time they had been ranked, and this region is the toughest in women’s soccer which includes Stanford and USC.

Many schools intentionally attract players from all over the country, but Cissel is proud that all of their players are from the Midwest.

Despite losing six seniors, Cissell believed that the momentum from this season will enable the team to get better and achieve more on the field.

“Eight of the 11 players from this year’s team are returning next year,” said Cissell. “We expect those who came off the bench this season and will start next year to be able to play more significant roles on the team.”

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