Women in Politics event encourages women to run for office

In the 2016 election cycle, 212 women ran for the House of Representatives and 25 ran for the Senate.

Now, in 2018, those numbers sit at 430 and 50. Across the country, an unprecedented amount of women have decided to put their name on their city, state and country’s ballots, including here in Missouri.

On March 8, International Women’s Day, Uptown Arts Bar held an event titled Women In Politics. It invited women from all over the state running in the 2018 election to come speak, drink and join in a community of people who were passionate about women’s involvement in government.

Greg Patterson, Uptown Art’s Bar owner, explained, “I decided to do this event mostly because of the state of politics today. I think the way to make change is through empowering women in politics.”

These women’s campaigns varied from city council, state representatives, state senators and even United States representative, but they all embraced a common theme.

“A year and a half ago I did not see myself as a politician, and then the 2016 election happened,” said Hillary Shields, a candidate for Missouri senate. Shields summed up a lot of the women’s road to candidacy, that they always saw themselves as public servants and nothing more, until they were so disappointed by the results of the 2016 election they decided to run themselves.

There were even some current Missouri congresswomen there, who came to inspire first time runners that their dream was possible.

Lauren Arthur, a current Missouri representative and Senate hopeful, said when she made it to Jefferson City, “I was confused as an intern, daughter, wife— anything but a representative. That told me I was in exactly the right place.”

Uptown Arts Bar will be holding a variety of events like this one for the rest of 2018, including Mother’s Day Eve, an event fundraising for Planned Parenthood and an election night celebration.


(Photo: Missouri state representative Judy Morgan talks about her rise to politics. )

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