Thursday, September 9, 2021
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Why the Roos?


A Kangaroo is an adorable fuzzy mammal with a genetically built in pocket- all the making of a fierce school mascot, or not? UMKC, then the University of Kansas City, adopted the mascot in 1937 before any athletic teams were formed. The mascot was actually created as a symbol for the debate team. At the same time the university began looking for a mascot, the Kansas City Star wrote an article on two baby kangaroos coming to the Kansas City Zoo. Somehow this inspired the marsupial lovers to jump to the conclusion that fate put the solution to their mascot problem in front of them.

What solidified the completely random Kangaroo mascot? Only an incredibly famous cartoonist drawing the animal next to his classic character Mickey Mouse. Walt Disney is absolutely phenomenal and his life’s works have given meaning to many other people’s, lives. However he can never be forgiven for drawing that Kangaroo. The moment people saw that Walt Disney designed the UMKC mascot it became more permanent than a college student’s coffee addiction.

However, UMKC students are split on the mascot.

“I think when they were deciding upon a school mascot they didn’t try very hard,” UMKC student Dallas Pruter stated. Pruter was correct, seeing as they choose the first animal they saw, which happened to be on the cover of a newspaper.

Bradon Nelson, another UMKC student, seemed to find the matter irrelevant.

“I don’t think it really matters what I have to say because I’m not a big fan of it,” Nelson said. He speaks the truth: no matter how much the average student seems to dislike the kindergarten-appropriate mascot it’s not going anywhere.

Thinking about the childish nature of the Roo is actually a plus for some students.

“I actually really like it,” Summer Snowden said, “I think it’s cute, and Walt Disney designed it.”


Overall the UMKC Mascot is both liked and disliked on campus. Depending on the person you ask the unique animal being childish and cute could be both a good or bad thing. The mascot itself is certainly unique, and its name, Kasey, as in KC, is definitely original. Keep on “Rooing Up” UMKC, I’m sure those tigers are intimidated by our beer belly super scary Aussie animal.

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