Friday, May 28, 2021
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Why is entrepreneurship important?

An entrepreneur is one who lives with a vision to achieve something big. Entrepreneurs share some common qualities, such as detail-oriented precision and wise decision-making. However, entrepreneurs are distinguished by their attitudes and work ethic, marked by diligence, persistence, positivity and motivation. They find opportunities in every situation. “It’s all about connecting the dots,” said late Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Jobs also said, “Stay hungry and stay foolish.”

An entrepreneur knows how to apply his skills in the business. It takes utmost skill in balancing family, work and outside interests. Entrepreneurs have a quest for learning, immense patience and courage and lots of networking.

Right from my childhood, I have dreamt of achieving something big. My dad was an electrical engineer who started his company at quite a young age. He influenced my interests in engineering. He never told me exactly what to do, but instead left the biggest choices for me to decide. He has been my biggest mentor.

During my undergraduate studies at a local college in India, I learned the benefits of thinking outside the box and opening up new opportunities, not limiting myself to the classroom.

I loved photography and writing. I loved learning new things about engineering and playing with electronics.

My living room was a mess of breadboards electronics and books, journals, magazines and three different newspapers that I read each day. Everything inspired me, and it was fun.

The skills I learned help lead me to UMKC, where I am pursuing my master’s in electrical engineering.

UMKC gave me a lot of opportunities in developing my entrepreneurial skills. I found new outlets for my photography. UMKC gave me friends who have proven themselves to be self-made entrepreneurs. It brought me motivation and hope.

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy job.

Here are some resources for entrepreneurial-minded students at UMKC:

E-Scholars: The Entrepreneurial Scholars (E-Scholars) program is a wonderful opportunity for students who want to be entrepreneurs. It is a perfect opportunity for anyone looking for a small-scale startup with high growth potential. This certification program offers world class training and mentorship from some of the top entrepreneurship professors in the world. Apart from the training and mentorship, the program provides a workspace for the  startup company.

1 Million Cups is an event organized by Kauffman Labs for Enterprise Creation, part of the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. The event, held every Wednesday, attracts entrepreneurs and startup companies based in Kansas City. It is a great opportunity for any startup company to showcase its progress and get valid feedback from the industry. The opportunity to network with startup companies and understand the facts behind building a startup make the event  interesting and exciting.

Silicon Prairie News is an online website that highlights and supports entrepreneurs by bringing out articles and organizing conferences called Big Series, in which top entrepreneurs share their ideas and try to motivate new businesses. The variety of articles and the consistent quality of the articles covered is the biggest part of the website. It could be an article on Google Glass, or it could be articles on a local entrepreneur. The technologies discussed make the website worth visiting.

Kansas City is a good place for startup companies, with its low cost of living. It has headquarters of major corporations such as Sprint and Cerner, which bring available  a lot of room for bigger clients like Google Fiber. Cheaper cost of living and rental rates compared to the other places in the United States help a new business worry less about the initial capital invested in creating a workspace.

Kansas City Startup Village was created as an aftereffect of Google Fiber. This community is focused on bringing a cheaper workspace for the entrepreneurs in order to make Kansas City a better place for startups.

Initially started as the first place to try out Google Fiber, this place is now providing workspace for 21 startups. There are plans to extend the project in order to make it more available to startups. In the process, the Village is in talks with apartment owners to get incentives and cheaper rents to help the future startups build cheaper workspaces.

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