Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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Why Does Life Happen To Me?


Prepare for the worst?

You mean you want me to foresee the unseen with a blindfold to handle something beyond my means?

You’re crazy, Believe me I go to church listen to the pastor preach, and for those who are in need of me I keep my hand out for reach.

What more do you expect of me?

When I’ve just been the best me and not what people project of me,

If you need me supply the question while I resemble jeopardy & despite whats conflictive I’ll answer respectively with whatever is left of me,

But objectively life still gets the best of me.

I don’t deserve this do I?

I don’t clue why I never shed tears no matter who dies, I just remain hopeful their all rude lies.

But I guess where they’d lay the truth lies.

The truth is, life happens discard what you want to believe….

But my question is why does life happen to me?

| @treysvision

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