Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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Who’s Hungry? | 5 College Friendly Places to Eat in Kansas City

  1. Rico’s Tacos Lupe


Located only a few blocks west of Main St. in the heart of downtown, Rico’s is serving up authentic Mexican food for cheap. Taco Tuesday is a big deal in Kansas City and on an average Tuesday night the line at Rico’s will be out the door with customers waiting for those delicious dollar tacos.  Yes, dollar tacos.

Rico’s is also serving up deals on Thursday with their $2 burritos and on Friday for only $4 you can enjoy a nice warm torta.

Rico’s Tacos Lupe is located at 802 Southwest Blvd, Kansas City, MO.


  1. Vietnam Café.


Located just east of the River Market in the city’s Columbus Park neighborhood, Vietnam Café has been serving up cheap and authentic Vietnamese cuisine for years.  The go to dish at Vietnam Café is their Pho, a hot beef noodle soup perfect for a relaxing study break or a refresher after a long night.

For right around $10 you can indulge in a huge hot bowl of the classic Vietnamese dish topped with fresh basil, cilantro, lime, jalapeno bean sprouts and a side of some of their spring rolls.

Vietnam Café is located at 522 Campbell St. Kansas City, MO.


  1. Sahara


If you are looking for cheap food that is filling, nice on your wallet, fast and healthy then look no further than Sahara on the west side of UMKC’s Volker Campus. This small eatery makes food that is cheap and packed full of flavor.

Every day Sahara has lunch specials from 11-3 p.m. For right around $8 you will get a full plate of the go to chicken shawarma, hummus topped with fresh jalapeno juice, four slices of pita bread and tabbouleh. Sahara is a great place to kick back enjoy some authentic eats, watch a sports game or even get your homework done.            

     Sahara is located 320 E 51st St, Kansas City, MO 64112


  1. Tikka House


I can’t express how awesome this place is. Walking by the shop in the River Market, you are immediately drawn in by the buckets of fresh spices from wall to wall. Your nose has been sent into an aromatic paradise full of new and exciting smells.

If you can pry yourself away from the spice station, head over to the counter and order some of their $2 pita pockets. Filled with lamb, gyro, chicken, or potatoes these hot dough pockets sure to make your stomach and wallet happy. If you aren’t feeling the pita pockets feel free to order something for lunch, at around $8 you can order just about anything of their menu and be happy with what you will get.

Tikka House is located inside the River Market at 411 Main St. Kansas City, MO.


  1. Kin Lin


Sometimes Chinese food in Missouri can be a little mediocre. Too bland. Too greasy. Too Salty.  And the question I frequently ask myself is “am I even eating Chinese food?” But none of this comes to mind after eating Kin Lin.

A busy restaurant on any given day, Kin Lin is crafting cheap and authentic Chinese cuisine for students at UMKC and the Kansas City area. Kin Lin has lunch specials running daily and for right around $8 you can fill yourself up with an array of Chinese food. For those looking for some more authentic Chinese food ask for the white menu. There you will find authentic Chinese cuisine for cheap. When you’re finished, you won’t regret your decision to try something new.

Kin Lin is located at 314 E. 51 St, Kansas City, MO.



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