Friday, January 21, 2022
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Where Can I get a Drink Around Here? | Top 5 Bars in KC

  1. Green Lady Lounge


Even if you’re not a fan of jazz, it’s hard to go wrong with the Green Lady Lounge. With no cover charge, there’s no good reason not to go in and experience the dense, lively atmosphere of the place. There’s live jazz every night, often with a band playing on each floor.

The drink selection is huge, offering everything from draft beers to specialty cocktails, and waiters will come to serve you wherever you decide to sit. You’ll hear some of the brightest, freshest minds in the KC jazz scene playing together and if you’d like, you don’t have to spend any money doing it.


  1. SoT


For true cocktail connoisseurs, SoT is the place for you. The bar is hidden away in a strip of buildings along Grand Avenue, and finding it gives you the feeling of being in on a local secret. The interior is both eclectically and elegantly designed, with surreal wall art and gold-leafed decorations adorning the walls.

Cocktails are where the bar really shines, giving you some of the highest quality drinks for your money in KC. Currently, the drink to recommend is the novel ‘Cocktail in the Rock’ that comes with half the ingredients in a hollowed out ball of ice. After breaking the sphere you have a delicious and drinkable cocktail, and proceeds from the drink go to Great Plains SPCA, a local no-kill animal shelter.


  1. The Blue Room


Located in the historic 18th and Vine district, the Blue Room is the place for classic blues and jazz fans. The nostalgic decor immerses visitors in a trip back to the golden age of swing in Kansas City. Better yet, if you are a musician yourself, there are weekly jam sessions every Monday that are open to the public.

If you don’t play, it’s still fun to grab a drink and enjoy both old and new music.


  1. Ruins Pub


A number of bars and clubs are capitalizing on the crowds riding the new Kansas City streetcar, and one the most notable is Ruins pub. Located along bustling Main Street, Ruins is a great place to go if you’d like to sample a wide selection of beers, both local and international.

The pub uses an innovative system that tracks the amount of beer you pour from a wall of taps. Therefore, you have the opportunity to try a number of beers for the price of one full glass. The eccentric decorations are another plus, with walls showcasing works by many local artists.

(Source Visit Missouri) Ruins pub, with its famous self-serve raps, is located at 1715 Main St.
(Source Visit Missouri) Ruins pub, with its famous self-serve raps,
is located at 1715 Main St.


  1. Blind tiger


The punk and indie scene in Kansas City is surprisingly vibrant, thought it can be a little difficult to locate the house shows these bands normally frequent. Blind Tiger is one venue that’s taking those bands out of the garage and putting them in the basement.

The first floor of Blind Tiger in Westport is decked out with pool tables, arcade games, and darts, and is usually packed with patrons bobbing their heads to a grab bag selection of music.

Underneath you’ll find an audience packed into a cluttered basement, where local punk bands blast the battered PA system. The drinks here are nothing special, but the music, atmosphere, and attitude certainly make up for it.

The Blind Tiger is located at 3945 Main St.
The Blind Tiger is located at 3945 Main St.

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