Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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Whatever Happened to Halloween Night?

When I was a kid, Halloween was the best holiday in existence. It nearly outranked Christmas. Costumes, candy and a mandate to get to stay up late—what else could a kid ask for? Now everything is different. The entire structure of the holiday has become a lie. Children in today’s society are getting short-changed of the proper Halloween experience.

The new idea of trunk-or-treating is rampantly taking over. Instead of walking their children around the neighborhood, groups of people just hole up in parking lots or culde-sacs. They put candy in the trunks and let kids walk from car to car to collect candy. These kids have no idea what they are missing out on. The location is restricted, the accumulation of candy is limited and there is a far greater possibility of running into someone in the same costume.

If I were a child in this situation, I would simply opt out on Halloween. I would rather pretend it didn’t exist than participate in such a sad excuse  of a holiday. However, even those lucky enough to partake in trick-or-treating are often unable to live it to its full potential.

Halloween used to be a mandatory event. Every house in the neighborhood had candy ready to dish out as early as 6 p.m.. Waves of kids would flow from door-to-door until at least 10 p.m., even if it was freezing outside. I remember my friends or siblings and I would wear our coats as we walked to the next house, but we took them off before taking single step towards the next door. Nowadays children are coerced into wearing their coats for the entire night, and their dissatisfaction  is very apparent when no one can tell who or what they are dressed as because the jacket covers up their costume. There is only one thing worse than wearing winter apparel over a costume, and that is being held hostage from Halloween altogether.

Each year more and more children are told they are not allowed to go trick-or-treating. Some parents claim this decision is a safety precaution because there are a lot of weird people out there, which is understandable. However, I do not believe that is a strong enough excuse. I think it is a cop out for when parents don’t want to spend the time and energy walking their child around the block.

There will always be weird people. There will always be cold weather. Kids will always love candy and Halloween will never cease to be a holiday. Do we not want the upcoming generations to have as many fond memories as we did? Provide a proper place to collect pounds of candy, force a coat only when necessary and take the time to enjoy the experience with them.

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