Friday, January 22, 2021
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Weirdo Wednesday Supper Club keeps KC edgy


Burlesque performer ‘Romany Jewel,’ Kaileen Wilson
Burlesque performer ‘Romany Jewel,’ Kaileen Wilson

Every Wednesday at Davey’s Uptown, Rambler’s Club located at 3402 Main St., the weirdos come out…to entertain you.

Weirdo Wednesday Supper Club is a time for performances you don’t usually see. It is hosted by Amy Farrand, musician of the Experimental Instrument Orchestra (EIO) and American Castrophe. The show begins at 7 p.m.

“I like to do things that you can’t see at other shows,” Farrand said. “Last week we had the Kansas City Juggler’s Club, and they brought several guys and did all these crazy tricks and shenanigans. There was a guy laying on the floor juggling knives by his face. Love it. You can’t go anywhere else and see that.”

The eccentric mix of performers attracts a unique crowd by featuring varying yet always entertaining performances including music, burlesque and comedy.

“I like playing between comedians and burlesque performers,” said Cody Wyoming, musician of Miss America and Golden Hearted Whores. “I am glad that it’s not your typical singer/songwriter night, where you redo the coffee house set. ‘Hey, here’s all my songs, and they’re all really important.’ That stuff always bums me out when I see it. I’m not interested in anyone else doing that and I don’t want to do it to myself.”

It wouldn’t be a supper club without supper.

Heather Hands caters the event. Hands also caters the tasty meals served at Dr. Sketchy’s, the anti-art school where artists can draw underground performers in a variety of poses.

“Heather Hands is here with awesome organic, delicious food,” Farrand said. “She always has vegetarian offerings.”

Davey’s, of course, serves many drinks to go with one’s meal.

Beers are approximately $2, well drinks are usually $3.50 and sodas are $1.75.

The punk-rock dive bar atmosphere transforms with candles and table cloths in the stage room when the Weird Wednesdays show begins. The main bar room offers additional activities for you to partake in.

“Gypsy Joan is out there to read your tarot cards, if you want to know about your business go to her she will do it for tips, you will want to tip her well afterwards because she does not f-around,” Farrand said. “Joan is here only on odd number days. Robert’s out there doing massage every week. He also is working for tips. How often can you find that ever? He’s a pretty cool guy, holistic healer fellow, anti-medicine. I love that about him.”

Weirdo Wednesday always has something new to offer.

“Performing at Weirdo Wednesday is comforting,” said Kaileen Wilson, a burlesque performer whose stage name is Romany Jewel. “The environment at Davey’s Uptown is very much a family environment. There is a great mix of people that come in through the door; so it makes the crowd different all the time, which is great because the show is different every week, that’s one of the things I love about it.”

No matter the performance, the audience always finds it rewarding and always leaves Weirdo Wednesday Supper Club with a smile and a story.

If you have a performance idea, contact Amy Farrand via Facebook at

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