Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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Don’t forget your yellow DNA

The capital and largest city of Denmark, Copenhagen is known for its high taxes (ranging from an average of 50 percent to as high as 63 percent) but also offers many benefits to its citizens—including free college.

The city is no exception when it comes to bank robberies. According to the Associated Press, two Swedes snuck into a bank vault on Friday and waited until the bank re-opened on Monday to escape. Somehow, they each emerged from the vault unnoticed and with the equivalent of at least $500,000 in jewelry and cash.

They were caught, though, when prosecutors found three bottles of urine left behind. When you got to go; you got to go.

Get bitten not baked

You go through much anxiety trying to protect your pot farm.

According to Riverside Press-Enterprise, a pot-growing business has solved such anxiety. In order to protect its 2,285 plants, worth approximately $1.5 million, the business hired a body guard.

Oh, and he’s an alligator named Wally. At 4 feet long, Wally’s domain was a cement-mixing tub. He was turned over to the California Department of Fish and Game, which found a foster home called Forever Wild Exotic Animal Sanctuary.

The man who runs the sanctuary noted, “He was extremely healthy- a little too well taken care of.”



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