Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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Police officers called for selling cupcakes illegally

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, two 13-year old boys had to answer to the police when a local politician said they were selling cupcakes without a permit.

Andrew Demarquis and Kevin Graff were selling baked goods in Chippappau Park in New Castle, N.Y., a New York City suburb. Parents outraged that the young boys had to answer to police for doing something innocent. New Castle Councilman Michael Wolfshn, who called the police on the boys, said a permit must be in hand when selling food items. Parents say the young boys have not put up shop again.

Man is compensated for gaining weight at McDonald’s job

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, in Brazil, Judge Joao Filho ruled McDonald’s must pay $17,500 to a former franchise owner for gaining 65 pounds. The employee claims he gained the weight from working 12 years at McDonald’s. The former employee’s name has not been released. He said he was forced to sample food for quality, and his free lunches made his calorie intake rise during his time working for McDonald’s.

Church offers late night Mass for bar hoppers

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, one church will offer a service at 2:30 a.m. Reverend Carmen D’Amico is hoping to attract people who are out late. This time also has been set due to Pittsburgh’s bars closing around this time. This is also way for people who work night shifts to have the opportunity to attend service. The church officials are also targeting the college population a demographic unlikely to attend later in the morning.


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