Friday, January 28, 2022
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No need to buy a vowel

According to CNN, Wheel of Fortune contestant Caitlin Burke correctly guessed a Prize Puzzle phrase with only one letter, “L,” and an apostrophe to help her. After buying an “L,” Burke asked host Pat Sajak to solve the puzzle, rendering him momentarily speechless before agreeing to let her answer.

Burke guessed the phrase “I’ve got a good feeling about this,” which was a fitting phrase for her unconventionality.

After Sajak confirmed her response, both he and her fellow contestant looked on in shock as Burke wittily remarked, “I had a good feeling about it!”

Her prize included $53,000, which Burke plans to use on a trip to the Caribbean and to pay off student loans.

Illustration by John Kline

Harry Potter lovers rejoice… maybe

The once-fictional game played by characters in the Harry Potter series is making its way across elite college campuses nationwide.

NPR stated New York City will host the fourth annual Quidditch World Cup this month, and teams from Harvard, M.I.T., Yale, Penn State and Duke will be in attendance.

While Quidditch is currently counted as an extracurricular activity at several colleges, one student from the University of Maryland hopes to help Quidditch gain recognition and someday be counted as an NCAA sport, although doing so would be a long and complicated process that could take years.

You’ve been struck by a dead criminal

Jim Morrison, the late lead singer of The Doors, may finally receive a pardon nearly 40 years after being convicted of indecent exposure. The claim was that while was performing on-stage in Florida, Morrison unzipped his pants and proceeded to simulate a sexual act, which he denied, according to CNN.

When he died two years later in 1971, he was still attempting to appeal the verdict.

Now, in 2010, Florida Governor Charlie Crist is saying that he might let off the charges, something that fans of Morrison have long sought. According to Crist, “…it’s something I’m willing to look into [before leaving office].”

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