Upcoming Productions Bring Excitement to UMKC Theatre

The UMKC Theatre department continues to work diligently in preparation for the exciting productions still to come in the spring semester.

Katie Schieferecke, a student in the theatre department, said she is most excited about the Playwright Project and the upcoming production of Fabulation.

 Fabulation, or the Reeducation of Undine, is a play written by Lynn Nottage. The plot follows a successful African-American woman working as a publicist in Manhattan. After losing everything, she is forced to return to her former home in Brooklyn and live with her working-class family.

Schieferecke said she loves the show because of its relevant social commentary.

“We have people in the cast who are underrepresented in society,” Schieferecke said, “which I think is an important thing to have on stage.”

Fabulation will be performed in Studio 116 at James C. Olson Performing Arts Center. The cast will have special preview showings on April 8, 10, and 11, with the show opening at 7:30 p.m. April 12 and running through April 16.

Sadie Desantis, Production Manager to the UMKC Department of Theatre, says there is limited space available. She encouraged anyone interested in seeing the show to get their tickets soon.

The Playwright Project is another highly anticipated production for many undergraduate students this spring. Desantis, one of the directors of the Playwright Project, gave details about the production.

The show features six pieces from six different playwrights, all of whom are students who took a playwriting course taught by UMKC’s Frank Higgns. After reviewing the plays written by his students, Higgins submitted them to the Play Selection Committee, who ultimately decided which shows will be produced.

Desantis said the content of each play varies: “From addiction, to two dogs who experience both tension and unreciprocated love, and the relationships between sisters and how it affects the family dynamic and our idea of family.”

Plays for the Playwright Project are directed and acted by undergraduate students. The Playwright Project does not charge for tickets, but students are encouraged to reserve tickets in advance.



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