University rolls out new marketing campaign, “UMKC grads are everywhere”

Bright yellow kangaroo crossing signs now adorn the streets of Kansas City. Seeing as there have been no recent escapes from the Kansas City Zoo, you are probably not at risk of hitting any marsupials any time soon.

However, UMKC still wants everyone to know that Roos are everywhere.

UMKC launched a new marketing campaign last month to spread awareness about UMKC grads.

According to a newsletter sent out by UMKC Announcements, “the campaign is built around two central overarching messages. Yes, our UMKC grads are everywhere. But more than that—they excel everywhere.”
The design is simple. It features a black kangaroo silhouette on a bright gold diamond-shaped sign with the tagline, “UMKC GRADS ARE EVERYWHERE.”

This campaign differs from past strategies. It focuses on what UMKC has to offer students post-graduation and how graduates factor into the social and professional landscape of Kansas City, rather than focusing on what UMKC has to offer students academically and socially on campus.

For prospective students still in high school, picking the right college can seem like a daunting task. Many high school students are inundated with advertising and communication from colleges and universities all around the country.

Maddy Bohon, a junior at Bishop Miege High School, explained what appeals to her as someone currently deciding between colleges.

“I like to have assurance that the college I’m picking will set me up for the future,” Bohon said. “I like knowing that I’m going to be going to a college where professors care, that they can help me for the future and that that college has a known reputation for success.”

The new marketing campaign has attracted considerable attention from members of the community.

Kansas City native Marion Wheeler said she thinks the campaign is a fun and great idea.

“UMKC is a fine institution,” said Wheeler. “It’s a great location to have a college campus, and it’s accessible to so many people in that way.”

Wheeler’s father, Charles Wheeler, received his law degree from UMKC in 1959 and went on to serve as Mayor of Kansas City from 1971 to 1979.

The new marketing campaign may signal a turning point for the university. UMKC Chancellor C. Mauli Agrawal has stated his ambition to increase enrollment at the university by 50 percent over the next 10 years. However, with steadily declining college enrollment numbers at UMKC and throughout the region, UMKC must continue to make a concrete effort to set itself apart if it wishes to grow and meet the chancellor’s goal.

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