UNews Student Poll | Students on Who Won Their Vote and Why

“Hilary Clinton. My main concern is Supreme Court Justices. The next president will choose at least one, likely more, SCOTUS justices which would tilt the Court for the next 20 years. This is at a time when important cases regarding racial justice, inequality, voting rights, and abortion are working their way through the courts and it is clear to me that Donald Trump has little understanding and respect for women and minorities. Basically, [there are] way too many more reasons to write: healthcare, economy, education, immigration, respect in the world, war/disastrous foreign policy (I’d like my husband to not get called up to fight a war over someone calling the Donald Sausage fingers), clean energy, and environment.” –Lindsey Conrad

“I am voting for Donald J. Trump this election. The key issues in this election are the issues of immigration, and foreign affairs. We should not allow just anyone to come in to our country, I have met immigrants who agree that being an American citizen should be a privilege not a right. One does not hire someone without first getting background checks on them. With regards to foreign affairs, we need to worry about our domestic issues first, but the issues regarding our relationship as a nation with the Middle East are also very critical in this election.” –Sam Bagby

Sam Bagby

Sam Bagby

“Personally I think both options are terrible choices for president but I will be voting for Trump as the lesser of two evils. I feel that the economy, foreign policy and education are the most important points.” –Brandon Huffman

Brandon Huffman

Brandon Huffman

“My presidential pick would be Donald Trump. Before I explain myself, I’m not racist at all because I know that is what most would think after saying that. Having a best friend of 15 years in the Marines, it’s my job to protect him since he is risking his life to protect the people of this country. After hearing how Hillary handled Benghazi, it’s hard for me to trust her. Another reason why I want Trump to win is because Hillary is accepting to the idea of late pregnancy abortions. Having a strong Christian faith, it’s hard for me to grasp the fact that she’s okay with killing an innocent child. My last reason I’m going to state is women can’t handle the stress that comes with being president because women are much more emotional than men.” –Maddy Yamnitz

“Hillary Clinton. Both candidates have had their issues, but Hillary has experience in the White House [and] has her husband Bill in there with her. Donald Trump is a nut case, doesn’t know how to handle problems, [has] no respect towards women, minorities, etc., [and] will start WWIII.” –Anonymous

“Trump. I believe that Trump would be the best because he is a business man [and] is going to get the country where it needs to be. His view on immigration is good because we don’t need to be letting people in our country if we can’t take care of our own people, like homeless. We need a wall because we need to stop them from coming into our country.” –Joshua Stroppel

“TURD SANDWICH. (If you watch South Park, you will understand.) It feels like we are deciding on which one is not the worst.” –Daylan Quinn

“Hillary Clinton. Trump wants to expand and put more money towards our military, whereas Hillary wants to keep it the same. We spend enough money on military. We have the most powerful military by a long shot. No more money is needed to maintain this. Also, Hillary believes in taxing the wealthy to support the poor, whereas Trump wants the rich to have a tax cut, which would only make a large gap between the rich and the poor.” –Anonymous

“Donald Trump. Hillary is a threat to national security. No one should win based on gender. Hillary attempted to fix healthcare in the 1980s and failed. Main reason: they are both terrible, but Trump doesn’t have the experience to impose all of his terrible ideas; Hillary has had years to learn her way around the system.” –Miki Hamilton

“I plan on voting for Hilary Clinton this election… I think a lot of the political issues grabbing the most attention this cycle are creating jobs and improving the economy as we’ve had a very slow recovery since 2008, and that of civil rights and safety, especially when considering the amount of violence reports this year and the growing divide between the public and the police.” –Ellie Simms

Ellie Simms

Ellie Simms

“I am undecided at this point. Each person lacks something that I feel is very important at this stage. I don’t nor want to see their faces being the cover of our nation. I’m more concerned about Congress at this point. Sure, the president can make laws, but Congress has to approve of them. I don’t like Hillary or Trump.” –Brianna Pettigrew

“I guess my vote is for Hillary Clinton. I chose her because she seems more level-headed and discusses important issues with our country. She has also talked about student loan forgiveness for college students. At least that’s what I’ve heard. And that kind of directly coincides with us right now. I may be able to graduate without having to pay or for other worrying about student loan debt after college.” –Anonymous

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