“Under the makeup” | An inside look at drag performance

Delta Lambda Phi, a fraternity at UMKC, rang in the end of the semester with a Drag show performance last week. The show itself was an astounding hit, with the nine performers interacting with the audience and showing off the moves they had been practicing.
One of the performers, a junior in high school named E-V, was willing to discuss her experience as a Drag Queen and how she became involved with the Delta Lambda Phi performance at Pierson.

E-V is a local drag queen who performed at Delta Lambda Phi’s drag show last week.

“I decided to perform because I always felt I was meant to be on stage.” In essence, it was a calling, a destiny in E-V’s case.

Drag became an outlet for expression for E-V, a method of portraying herself creativity in a manner that she truly enjoys. This allowed her to inspire and expose herself to others that were in the same position as her in an attempt to share what she considers one of her biggest passions.

In consideration to her thoughts on the hobby itself, E-V loves the unpredictability of the drag. However, she loves the people behind the costumes more. “…some of the kindest people I’ve ever met do drag. I just love how strong the people are behind the character. I love that drag is pure energy and beauty in one!”
Personally, “drag means so much to [Eric, the boy behind E-V’s female persona]. I was an insecure gay boy trying to get past my insecurities and drag really helped me love the man underneath the makeup and help me realize that he’s worthy of all the love in the world.”

The structure of the performance and the amount of effort each person put into what they performed was entirely dependent on each performer’s personal experience with drag.

A member of Delta Lambda Phi poses with the nine performers.

For E-V, since she has been performing for around a year at a local restaurant called Hamburger Mary’s, preparing for the show was not a large feat. In fact, she may have gained more than she put in, with the show having sparked her “interest in going to school at UMKC once [she] graduate[s].”

“It’s been a journey of self-love, confidence, beauty, and strength. I’m extremely appreciative for what drag has done for me under the makeup.”

What may seem like a simple hobby has much more meaning to E-V than what meets the eye. She loves what she does and it inspires her to share that love with others to create a happier place.



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