Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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UMKC’s Volleyball Crew “Rowing the Boat”

UMKC Volleyball Head Coach Christi Posey shared her unique perspective on group dynamics last Wednesday in a one to one interview with U-News.

The volleyball team’s motto this season is ‘row the boat’, meaning the past is already gone, the future can still be impacted and the best method of action is to do what you can in the present.

Posey borrowed the theme from a football program by P.J. Fleck, the former head coach at Western Michigan, who puts the culture of his team over victories.

“We molded it into our own theme,” said Posey. “Your oar is always in the water and it takes all of us to be able to propel forward.”

As a team, it is important for Posey to do things off the court that help to build up the cohesiveness of the group. The team often participates in potlucks to share their favorite dishes, which also allows them to be responsible for making the dinner a success.

The Volleyball team actually partnered with the Crew team, a club at UMKC that taught the team how to function as one unit to accomplish the overall goal.

“It was fun and exciting to have the opportunity to learn some things that were outside their comfort zone,” said Posey. “It was important for staff to do as well.”

This season, Roos Volleyball faced some challenges. The team’s head count is light light due to several circumstances, including a season ending injury for one of the star players, junior mid-hitter Emma Dyer.

Posey advises anyone in a group management position to pay attention to each team member’s individuality and use it as an advantage.

“Get to know each individuals strength and work to leverage those in a positive way so that the team can utilize everybody’s greatest gifts,” said Posey. “We can overcome adversity when we realize we are all in the same boat.”

To catch the Roo’s Volleyball in action go to for game times and dates.

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