UMKC’s Men of Color powerfully illustrate police violence

The UMKC Men of Color held a die-in demonstration in the quad area, in response to police brutality against black men around the country.

The group participated in the lay down last month in the middle of the quad. The group’s goal was to bring awareness to students about police brutality against African American men around the country.

According to Rakeem Golden, a UMKC Men of Color member, “the message was to bring a perspective that students here on campus have a relationship with men who have been shot by police and I want you to see what we see, when we see our black men.”

The demonstration received mixed responses from students who walked past.

There were students who avoided the event by walking around it, and there were students who walked up to Rakeem and thanked him, letting him know they appreciated what he put together.

“Knowing that I contributed to a cause meant a lot to me,” reflected Golden.

The gravity of the issue also sank in for those who laid down. Navonta Jamal participated in the event, acting as one of the victims.

“The longer I laid down, I realized that this could be my reality,” Jamal recalled.

During the event, there were also members who held up signs, which read, “I had a future,” “Black lives matter” and “What if you were me.”

According to Allen Williams, a participant in the event, “I feel like this was a good demonstration for individuals who have the opportunity to ignore police brutality against black men.”

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