UMKC Yells Like Hell

Students gathered in the Student Union Thursday night for UMKC’s Greek Life event Yell Like Hell during this year’s Court Warming.


Andie Drummond (above) and Brittany Bryson (below) don capes for the superhero theme.

Andie Drummond (above) and Brittany Bryson (below) don capes for the superhero theme.


Students competing for the crowning of Roo Royalty were judged on their creativity, UMKC spirit, incorporating the theme, execution and crowd response. Representatives for sororities, fraternities and other student showcased their talents throughout the night with a combination of dancing, singing, and comedy. The theme for Yell Like Hell was superheroes in a world full of ordinary people.

Zach Dull, representative of Delta Lambda Phi, started off the night with a comedic dance sketch based on The Powerpuff Girls. Dull played the villain HIM whose job it was to teach The Powerpuff Girls how to be superheroes. Dull looked on as The Powerpuff Girls, played by members of Delta Lambda Phi, strutted their stuff across the stage with attitude, excitement and humor.

Zach Dull as the villain HIM.

Zach Dull as the villain HIM.

Luis Reyes, representative of the Association of Latin American Students, was next with a Hispanic-themed rap duet. Students cheered and clapped as Reyes rapped, sang and danced with his partner on stage.

Denton Williams, representative of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, followed Reyes with well-choreographed dance to Aretha Franklins “I Need a Hero.” Williams and the members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, though experiencing technical difficulties, moved with confidence and fierceness as they worked through their mistakes like professionals to please the crowd and judges.

Cameron McGuire, representative of Phi Beta Sigma, was next with a comedy piece based on Key and Peele’s substitute teacher sketch. The crowd laughed as McGuire playing the substitute teacher called out the names of his students but instead of saying them correctly McGuire would over exaggerate and mispronounce the name. The crowd exploded with laughter when McGuire called out the final student, “AA-ron.”




Andy Drummond, representative of Chi-Omega, was the first of the sorority members to perform. Drummond and her Chi Os danced in their superman attire to a mash up of songs ranging from pop artists Justin Timberlake and Imagine Dragons to rap stars Kanye West and Soulja Boy. Drummond stood out from the rest of her background dancers with her bright red cape and intensity while moving.

Next was Kristen Finck, representative of Delta Zeta. Finck put on her Superwoman cape and showcased a well-choreographed and energetic dance with her back up Delta Zeta dancers. Finck was able to move and excite the crowd by switching up the music and dances. Finck added a little humor to her sketch by inviting the Delta Zeta mascot, the turtle, on stage.

The final contestant was Brittany Bryson, representing Alpha Delta Pi. Bryson had her take on The Powerpuff Girls but this time with a little more glitter and theatrics. Bryson and her back up dancers danced their way though a mash up of songs incorporating crime fighting and glitter into their sketch. Bryson led The Powerpuff girls to fend off the criminal and celebrated with a loud Alpha Delta Pi chant that lite up the auditorium.

Host Brooke McPheeters and Caroline Purcell ended the night with a dance of their own brining the event to closure.

The winner of Yell Like Hell was Delta Lambda Phi’s Zach Dull and his Powerpuff girls sketch. Although Dull might have won the event, everyone was a winner that night. Students described the event as a time to bring UMKC’s Greek life together, to share the stage and have a “big-school feel” at a small university.

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