Women’s Center hosts “I Am Enough!” photo campaign

What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

How would your life change if you knew you were enough just the way you are?

On Oct. 17, the UMKC Women’s Center partnered with UMKC Counseling Services and Swinney Recreation Center to host the “I Am Enough!” Photo Campaign.

The purpose of the campaign was to reject toxic standards of beauty and help individuals embrace the truth that in all of their own uniqueness, they are enough.

At the event table, individuals had the opportunity to declare themselves “enough”. They were invited to fill in the phrase “I am __ enough” with their own positive affirmation.

Next, they were given the option to get their picture taken with their personal affirmation, and the photo was shared across various social media platforms.

By noon of the three-hour event, about 30 individuals had stopped to get their picture taken and state their worth, and the affirmations didn’t stop at just beauty standards.

Some of the most popular affirmations were “strong enough” and “smart enough”.

Dr. Sherri Theoharidis, a certified eating disorder specialist from Counseling Services, said the event was coordinated so it would occur on the eve of Love Your Body Day.

Hannah Hagan was the campaign’s assistant coordinator. She took on planning the event because it ’s something a bit different from the Women’s Center’s typical agenda.

“A lot of our events are centered around ending and preventing violence, and that’s an important issue, but this is a fun change of pace,” said Hagan.

Theoharidis and other representatives from Counseling Services used the event as an opportunity to promote “Body U”, a new, free app for UMKC students from the MO Eating Disorders Council that promotes healthy lifestyle changes.

Body U uses a five-minute screening process to build users a personalized program to get fit, promote positive body self-esteem, develop a stable relationship with food and manage depression and anxiety.

Students should visit bodyu.org to learn more and sign up.



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