Saturday, April 10, 2021
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UMKC wins in five sets against Arkansas State

Cyrus Moffett

UMKC Women’s Volleyball played its heart out on Thursday evening, and it paid off. With stand out performances by the players, the Lady Roos came ready to play against Arkansas State.

The verdict of the evening’s game was a see-saw contest throughout. Arkansas State won the first set, with UMKC winning the next two.

A tight finish defined the last set, with UMKC eventually winning 15-13.

There were worthwhile performances by some of the players.

Alicia Harrington had some points she played out and won, and Ali Schomers, had an impressive fifth set with 28 assists.

Alex Ratzlaff had a sound performance, with nine digs in the fourth set, and Rhegan Spiegel, had a few service aces when it counted for the Lady Roos.

Schomers was pleased with her team’s overall performance in the match, especially in the second set.

“I give a lot of credit to both of my right-sides,” she said, commenting on the performance of her teammates.

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