UMKC Wins Close Contest Verses South Dakota

UMKC men’s basketball team faced off against the South Dakota Coyotes on Wednesday night. The game was evenly matched but Dakota’s ball-handling was sloppy. UMKC was able to get a hold of the ball and persevere for a surprising 84-82 victory. While the entire game was not as close as the ‘photo-finish’, it was never a done deal for UMKC in terms of actually winning the game.

Both the beginning and the end of the game were strongly contested. UMKC almost ran away with the game towards the end of the first half, finishing with a 12-point lead. South Dakota turned out to be a near-nightmare by the middle of the second half. The “Bell Boy,” LaVell Boyd, was not overly shaken by such a comeback, making a few three pointers to increase the lead. South Dakota tried similar magic with three point attempts, but fell short at the very end. UMKC had some foul trouble throughout the entire game, as did South Dakota in the first half.

While Boyd was a star performer, most of the team had impressive performances. Isaiah Ross played a respectable game, with 12 points in total. Duane Clark dunk the ball near the end of the first half, thanks to an assist by Boyd. The Roos took the lead at the end of the first half with 45-33.

There were several turnovers throughout the game, but South Dakota bided its time patiently in attempting to come back towards the end of the second half.

The game was tied at 77, with approximately 2:30 minutes left in the second half. The Coyotes’ offense was not enough to keep them in the lead, however. UMKC didn’t lose its cool at the end of the stretch. Such an accomplishment is worth mentioning, especially without the on-court presence of Martez Harrison. UMKC did not have a noteworthy night at the free-throw line, but it was not an irreparable loss.

Boyd was the highlight of the night. With thirty seconds left of the game, Boyd knocked down six back-to-back shots, giving the Roos an 83-81 lead.

With 14 seconds left of the game, the Roos suffered a bad inbound pass which the Coyotes took advantage of. However, they missed two layup attempts. It wasn’t until Broderick Robinson sank a free throw shot that the Roos’ victory was secured.

Boyd scored a total of 19 points and a career-high of eight assists. Ross scored a career-high of 12 points and three triples and Robinson with 10 points.

UMKC heads to Lawrence to play the Jayhawks at 7 p.m. on Tuesday. The game will be aired on ESPN3. The Roos will play at Municipal on Saturday at 4:05 p.m. against William Jewel on Kansas City Day.

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