Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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UMKC Volleyball splits opening day at Kangaroo Klassic

The Roos wrapped up the first day of the Kangaroo Klassic with a big win against Rutgers, 3-0, bouncing back from a 3-2 loss earlier in the day against the South Dakota Coyotes.

UMKC opened the first set of the Klassic with a 1-0 lead against the Coyotes, 25-20, bookended by kills from #4 Alicia Harrington.

In the second set the Coyotes fought to reclaim dominance winning it, 25-18, against the Roos despite a match up on kills 10 to 10.  The Roos took back the lead in the third set with a win, 25-16, setting up solid blocks from #13 Mykal Sadler and finishing off with a kill from #10 Alex Ratzlaff.

South Dakota set the trend in the fourth set making the first point from a spike but UMKC returned the favor with a dig and spike from Sadler to Harrington. #14 Alexia Morey and #15 Emma Dyer paired to stop South Dakota, but despite a good defensive strategy could not stop the Coyotes from taking the fourth 27-25.

“I think we had good control in the fourth… then they came back.” said Head Coach Christi Posey, “[That] set them up a little bit psychologically for the fifth.”

The fifth set was truly a showcase of defensive skill and strategy despite UMKC being the first to five. South Dakota took the set, 15-9, leading in Kills 10-6.

“We are working on a good balance within the team.” Said Coach Christi, “Its better if you can learn lessons and still win.”

The nightcap proved to show lessons had been learned with the Roos as they matched up against Rutgers. UMKC took control of the first set winning it 25-16, with double score on serves by #4 Harrington followed by double score on serve from #9 Mikayla Martinez and a spike to score from #10 Ratzlaff.

Rutger’s #3, Sahbria McLetchie, re-entered the match up after suffering an injury during the first set but McLetchie was no match for UMKC’s #4 Harrington’s pulverizing spikes. The Roo’s took the second set 25-18.

The Roos took the third set, 25-20, with UMKC’s #15 Dyer splitting Rutger’s double down defensive strategy right down the middle. Digs by UMKC’s #1 Rhegan Spiegel stopped efforts from Rutger’s twice with the third try from Rutgers proving to be a charm. Match point was by #15 Dyer with a shattering spike closing out the first day of the Kangaroo classic.



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