UMKC Plays Well in Exhibition Match

It is safe to say that UMKC Men’s Basketball had a bit of a disappointing season last year. The exhibition game for this 2016-2017 season showed that things may be turning around.

UMKC played well on both the offensive and defensive end of the court, but their best play came inside the paint. The Roo’s generated 44 points near the block. While it is not a moment to gloat, UMKC’s 79-55 victory over Missouri S&T may be a good omen for the upcoming season.

UMKC Senior Martez Harrison was named player of the game. He was consistent throughout the game and netted the Roo’s first two-pointer and the concurrent free-throw.

The game produced one technical foul. UMKC committed that foul, but it seemed to be a bit inadvertent and sudden. Duane Clark rejected a lay-up shot that sent the ball into the stand. Clark was embraced by teammates as fans cheered. After deliberation the referees gave a technical foul to Isaiah Ross for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Darnell Tillman fighting for position on rebound.

Darnell Tillman fighting for position on rebound.

Both teams had their share of foul trouble.  UMKC fouled 24 times and Missouri S&T fouled 20 times.

Missouri S&T never ignited on the offensive end, except for an occasional 3-pointer. It took over three minutes for Missouri S&T to make their first basket.

UMKC started the game with a 3-pointer drought, and it continued for much of the first half. UMKC also had bad karma at the free-throw line in the first half, and went 9 for 19 in the game.

Stand-outs for UMKC were Junior Broderick Robinson, who made an important 3-pointer, late on in the second half that helped seal the victory for UMKC. Freshman Isaiah Ross used that momentum to score a 3-pointer shortly after Robinson. With 2 minutes remaining in the game Freshman Jordan Giles which wowed the crowd at Municipal Auditorium with a one-handed slam-dunk.

Overall  the Roo’s seemed more consistent than last year’s team, with everyone making a positive and hearty contribution.

The Roo’s had stretches where they dazzled the crowd. However, the few glaring errors are perhaps the most important take-away from this exhibition game.

Roos Kyle Steward wins first tipoff of season.

Roos Kyle Steward wins first tipoff of season.

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