UMKC Men of Color Honors Members

The UMKC Men of Color Initiative held its second Annual End-of-the-Year Reception last Wednesday in the Pierson Auditorium. The reception celebrated the achievements of the organization and its members at UMKC this year. Both current and graduating members were honored onstage with awards for their hard work. The event also highlighted the milestones met by the Men of Color Initiative and goals for the future of the organization.

Alan Adams, President of Men of Color and a senior in Business Administration, expressed his thanks for the contributions of graduating members and delivered the closing remarks of the reception. According to Adams, Men of Color tripled both the number of graduates from their program and its rate of potential this past year. The initiative also introduced a tie closet, a recourse providing neck ties for young men who don’t have access to proper business casual attire.

“Show up and show out. That is our motto,” said Adams. “We will continue the great work and continue to show brotherhood and kindness.” Adams said he is looking forward to the upcoming Women’s Appreciation Reception because it is vital for Men of Color to also support Women of Color.

For Cameron Johnson, a freshman at UMKC, Wednesday’s reception was his first as a new member of the Men of Color Initiative.

“I came from an entirely black high school, so coming to UMKC – a PWI [predominantly white institution] – was an entirely different experience,” said Johnson. “I loved seeing support and help in an environment where a lot of people don’t necessarily look like me or share the same experience. There’s an amazing sense of support and brotherhood.”

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