Friday, May 27, 2022
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UMKC medical students fight for DACA

Students on the UMKC Hospital Hill campus came together Tuesday evening to protect Dreamers in the medical field.

The American Medical Association Advocacy Chair and UMKC Medical Student Amudha Porchezhian hosted the event.

Porchezhian started the night by informing students of the difference students who protected by DACA make in the community and how DACA repeals could tremendously harm the medical field.

Porchezhian reflected on the current troubles surrounding DACA students.

“Our colleagues are in danger and their patients stand to suffer,” Porchezhian said.

Following Porchezian’s talk, students drafted letters to their respective senators. They wrote about the importance of UMKC’s 65 medical students in the DACA program.

Porchezhian led her fellow students by providing her own drafted letter that other attendees used as a template.

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