Saturday, January 15, 2022
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UMKC Hosts Annual Gingerbread Decorating Event


Every year, UMKC celebrates upcoming holidays by assembling a construction site for gingerbread houses in the Student Union. This year’s gingerbread building event was hosted by UPB members Kameisha Rice, Mariah Jaouni and DeMond Miles. It was also open (for free) to all students who may be gingerbread house enthusiasts.

Freshmen students Lilly Sieren and Marley Symmonds were among the first students to attend the event. With dead week coming up, the two were looking for something to do to avoid finals and get a head start on the holiday season.

“I got a text message notification and saw ‘gingerbread’ so I made him come with me,” Sieren said.

Even amateur gingerbread house architects partook in this event – some attendees had never built one before.

“I’m seriously thinking about changing my major to architecture right now,” student Carmen Zatezalo said jokingly as she iced a roof together.

Lilly Sieren and Marley Symmonds attend the gingerbread decorating event.
Lilly Sieren and Marley Symmonds attend the gingerbread decorating event.

The students diligently crafted their houses as classic Christmas tracks were played. Of course, the best part of the event was being able to demolish your masterpiece by eating it.

UMKC’s UPB comes up with many events such as Gingerbread House for students each year and they are all free to attend. These events aim to find common interests among college students in order to bring the student body together in a fun environment. The gingerbread house decorating created both fun activities and free treats for the students, all in honor of this cheerful holiday.

For those that missed the event, there will be a Dean’s Holiday Party and Gingerbread Decorating Contest on Dec. 17, from 1-3pm in Theater A of the School of Medicine.

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