UMKC connects students with on campus job opportunities

Need a job? More specifically, a job on campus?

The annual UMKC On-Campus Job Fair allows students to explore their options and learn more about the types of job and positions that are currently provided. It also gives students the experience needed to get jobs in the real world.

The fair was hosted by UMKC Career Services and held at Pierson Auditorium on Wednesday, with multiple departments from campus providing work-study and non-work study jobs for interested applicants.

The range of on-campus jobs include working in the Department of English, Swinney Recreation Center, undergraduate research, creative scholarships and many more.

“We have a small pilot program where we’re allowing students to use their federal work-study dollars to be paired with faculty mentors and labs and archive studios across campus,” said Jane Greer, the director of undergraduate research. “We’ve been doing it for about three years, and it’s been really successful. Students have stayed with their mentors. They’ve gotten involved with really great projects, getting to co-publish with their faculty mentors.”

There were 16 different booths, each table indicating whether they provided work-study jobs. Among them was the Office of Admissions table, scouting applicants to become UMKC orientation leaders.

Kim Kushner, the events and new student programs coordinator in the Office of Admissions, said they needed “folks who are just interested in serving others, who want to become more acquainted with campus and have energy and love for UMKC.”

(Left to right) Daphne Posadas and Kim Kushner

“During the summer and towards the end, I absolutely fell in love with it,” added Daphne Posadas, a UMKC orientation leader. “It was awesome seeing all of the incoming freshman being excited to come to UMKC and giving them advice on what to do and not to do.”

UMKC’s Information Access Department, represented by Manager of Database Administration Nathan Horn, looked to fill three open student developer positions and one work-study position.

“Work studies are a lot simpler. We’re looking for people who kind of know their way around a computer and basic things. They actually would get a lot of exposure to a lot of the technologies we use,” added Horn.

The UMKC job fair is great for giving students opportunities to work with experienced faculty members and mentors to further enhance their skills and get into the career paths they desire.

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