Trunk-or-Treat connects students to KC

Kimberly Manson, UMKC Union Programming Board (UPB) After Hours Coordinator, was able to share one of her Halloween traditions with area children at Tuesday night’s Trunk-or-Treat in the Administrative Parking Lot.

The event brought Halloween to campus, allowing students to partake in festivities and offer up a trunk full of candy to kids trick-or-treating in the community.

“I grew up trunk or treating. I did it every Halloween when I was younger and I always had so much fun,” said Manson, also a third-year health science student. “With me now being older I realize that it’s about safety, fun, and community. That’s why I organized this event.”

Even though this holiday isn’t considered a national holiday, Manson expressed how she believes trunk-or-treating can bring the community together.

“You get to meet new people. There is some division here at UMKC and it can be hard to socialize or make friends,” said Manson. “This is a nice event not only for the community, but for my peers as well. I can’t wait to do it again next year.”

UPB Vice President Mariah Jaouni, explained why she volunteered her trunk for the occasion.

“I’m a part of the organization and it was only right for me to be here tonight. I also think the kids will love it.” said Jaouni, a biology senior.

Jaouni, also thought it was a cool thing for the community.

“It’s a safer and more trusted environment rather than going door to door where dangerous things can happen,” Jaouni said. “I’m excited about the whole thing and depending on the turnout, we hope to make this an annual event.”

For UPB President Minh Nguyen, the most exciting aspect of the night was the event’s connection to the upcoming movie, Thor Ragnarok.

“Movie producers for Thor Ragnarok contacted us and wanted us to promote for them here at the event,” said Nguyen. “It’s cool because we can give out these masks and posters to the kids.”

Nguyen was pleased to see the night draw a sizeable crowd.

“It’s nice to bring people together, fellowship is always nice. It’s amazing to see so many people showing up despite us being college students,” said Nguyen.

There were many parents at the trunk-or-treat. Father of three, Tim Brown, expressed was overjoyed to see UMKC host the event.

“This year I’m taking my children to nothing but trunk-or-treats. For the past few years there have been outrageous stories of door to door trick-or-treating,” said Brown. “People are drugging candy, bag snatching, kidnapping and bullying kids. With events like this, the chances of that happening are slim to none and that gives me peace.”

When asked if he was going to come again next year he said, “You bet ya. The downfall is I won’t get to lose much weight because I’m not walking around neighborhoods, but that’s a sacrifice I can make for the safety of my children.”

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