Trump isn’t the only one to blame for the government shutdown

Eleven days. It’s been 11 days since President Donald Trump reopened the government. The latest shutdown was the longest in history, by far, at a whopping 35 days.

Social media posts and news stories focused on government workers going without pay and struggling to support themselves and their families during the long period.

Both Republicans and Democrats were quick to blame the other side for the epidemic

Republicans blamed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democrats put the blame on Trump. The reality is that no single person is to blame for the shutdown. All politicians, both in the House and in the Senate, Democrats and Republicans alike, should be held liable.

Shutdowns almost always occur because the House and the Senate cannot agree on a budget. Democrats will do anything to paint a negative image of Trump. His campaign largely focused on building a wall. By refusing to give $5.7 billion towards building a wall, Democrats force Trump to fail on delivering his major campaign promise. As a result, he will lose a large percentage of voters come the 2020 election.

Another issue is that in our increasingly polarized political climate, Republicans and Democrats almost always have to support their parties. House and Senate members are obviously afraid of losing supporters nowadays, so they must be 100 percent for Trump or 100 percent against Trump. If a Republican is seen voting against Trump’s border wall, then they will obviously lose constituents.

All this doesn’t necessarily mean Trump’s not to blame. While Democrats and Republicans in the House and Senate argued over immigration funding, Trump declared in a television broadcast he was, “proud to shutdown the government for border security.” He continued, saying he wouldn’t blame Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

If Trump makes a statement broadcast on national television taking responsibility for the shutdown, he’s expected to uphold his word.

News flash Trump: you’re not running a political campaign yet. Focus on sticking to your statement, not changing your rhetoric whenever deemed necessary to garner voters.

Trump’s made a number of bad decisions during his first term. Namely, pulling the country out of the Paris Climate Agreement, making the United States the only country in the world to not be a part of the deal. But Americans as a whole shouldn’t be so quick to blame one person for the shutdown. Instead, focus on writing to congressmen and senators to encourage them to reach a compromise.

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