Monday, April 19, 2021
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Top ten places to hang out in Kansas City


Trying to narrow down the Top 10 hangout spots in Kansas City was next to impossible.

After surfing the web, scavenging through local newspapers, visiting the hang out spots and getting the word on the street, we were able to come up with a list. Hang out spots were added then dropped, added and dropped, until we came up with the perfect combination.

With that said, there are many hang out spots that deserve to be on this list; however, it is only the Top 10 choices.

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1. Sinbad’s Hookah Bar

Full of culture and energy, Sinbad’s Hookah Bar reigns as one of the best Hookah Bars in Kansas City. There is never a stale night with Sinbad’s Hookah Bar, where owner Sinbad Sami frequently puts on a musical show for his guests, singing songs that you would never hear in any ordinary bar. Not only can you go to hang out with friends, but most use it as a location to relax and catch up on homework.

2. Broadway Café

Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, this casual dine-in café located in the heart of  Westport has an atmosphere like no other. Bring a book, a friend, or even come alone, and no matter the situation you will enjoy your time at Broadway Café.

3. Country Club Plaza

The Country Club Plaza is Kansas City’s premier shopping, dining, and entertainment district. With over 150 shops and dozens of restaurants covering fifteen blocks, shoppers will never grow bored. Whether it is to hang out, a date, an anniversary, or whatever the occasion, The Country Club Plaza is the best choice.

4. AMC Main Street

AMC Main Street offers the most luxurious movie seeing experience in Kansas City for an affordable price. If you are 21 or older you can enjoy the reserved seating and luxury recliners. AMC Main Street also offers a Cinema Suite Premium, which is an in-theatre dining option that includes swivel tables and 8-foot row spacing.

5. UMKC Student Union

The UMKC Student Union is one of the newest additions to campus. Amounting to $38.3 million, it is a large investment that UMKC has made. Not only will the UMKC Student Union have great dining options but it will feature services such as Redbox. Students will now be in walking distance of renting any in-demand movie.

6. Westport

Known for the 21-and-over scene, Westport is home to many bars and clubs; however there are a handful of small shops and plenty of restaurants to keep those who come busy and full. If you like antiques or thrift stores, this is definitely the place for you. Westport also houses some of the best concerts in Kansas City.

7. Muddy’s Coffeehouse

Within walking distance to UMKC, Muddy’s serves coffee, sandwiches, and an assortment of baked goods.  On your way to or from class you can swing by to catch a bite to eat or check their bulletin board to see what new things are happening in the community.

8. Nelson Atkins Museum of Art

With a collection of over 33,500 objects, the Nelson Atkins Museum has a vast amount of art, ranging from ancient times to modern day. Entrance to the museum is free and after your visit you can play a game of Frisbee or enjoy lunch on the expanses of land the museum has to offer.

9. Kansas City Power and Light District

The majority of the entertainment is for those 21 and over, but Kansas City Power & Light District has something for everyone. Stretching nine blocks and offering over a half million square feet, Kansas City Power and Light District connects the Convention Center to the Sprint Center. Whether you go to dine, drink, or play, you will appreciate the time you spend at Power & Light.

10. Main Street Café

Most days of the week you can catch a local Kansas City band playing on the stage of Main Street Café. If you aren’t interested in that, Main Street Café hosts art shows giving local artists a chance to showcase and even sell their work. This place is all about locality and making sure the community is unified that being through either music or visual art.

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