Top Five Places to Cry on Campus

Finals are approaching faster than you think. Many Roos will probably be crying in their pouches. The stress of the last few weeks for many students on campus can be emotional, so here are a few places to cry on campus.


Miller Nichols Learning Center

It has been stated by many students that no one ever goes to the fourth floor. I assume that would be a great place to shed a few tears.



If you are really emotional, find a friend who lives at the dorms or ask for a tour of the dorms and just cry. If anyone asks you why you are crying, don’t say anything. Just blame it on the mold, I’m sure it’ll work.


Student Union

The Student Union has a lot of places to cry. If anything, it is prepared for your emotions. It has places to eat, big bean bags on the second floor and a balcony on the top floor. Only use the balcony to cry. It’s too cold to be out there, your chances of being alone are huge.


First Floor of Administrative Center Building

Entering the first floor of the administrative building looks like an anxiety attack waiting to happen. As you enter the building, walk up the steps and you will then be surrounded by a nightmare of Finical Aid, Admissions and Cashiers. No good news ever comes out of those places. If anyone asks you why you are crying here, you have a vast amount of topics to choose from: tuition payments, admissions mess-ups and/or financial aid asking for more proof for FAFSA.


In front of Chancellor’s office

This would be a great place to cry as there are such elegant couches in front of his office. The man himself might come out his office and ask what’s wrong, you might tell him, “I bought a parking pass and can’t find parking, I live in moldy dorms, financial aid won’t give me FAFSA, my fraternity is getting kicked off of campus, I wasted so much time in my Anchor courses that are now obsolete and that one girl I thought I would marry never followed my Instagram!”


These places on campus should provide a bit of help to shed a few tears. If anything, this school is chalk-tall of secret spots allowing you the relief you deserve.

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