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Top 10: Ways to survive in a post-Muddy’s Kansas City


Aixois, a French restaurant and coffee bar at 55th and Oak streets, is perfect for UMKC students now that Muddy’s has closed. At $2 a cup, Aixois’ 16-ounce espresso is among the best, and cheapest, in Kansas City.
Aixois, a French restaurant and coffee bar at 55th and Oak streets, is perfect for UMKC students now that Muddy’s has closed. At $2 a cup, Aixois’ 16-ounce espresso is among the best, and cheapest, in Kansas City.

Once you’ve gotten over the initial disappointment and possible depression that many are experiencing upon hearing that Muddy’s Coffeehouse has closed, you may wonder where you’re going to find your next latte.

You may be thinking, “How am I supposed to get my Muddy’s classic to get me through my 3 p.m. class?” or “Where am I supposed to meet up with friends to have discussions about Friedrich Nietzsche while simultaneously sporting my new Ray Ban Wayfarers?”

When you’re in need of a caffeine fix, oftentimes these are the most important questions in your life.

Don’t worry; this will guide you through this troubling transition period in your life.

Muddy’s location was certainly convenient, but there are plenty of other places nearby to grab some high-powered java or absorb the finer points of existentialist philosophy.

In order to help you fill the Muddy’s-shaped void in your life, I’ve prepared a “Top Ten” list of coffee shops based on taste, ambiance, service and distance from campus.

At each location, I tried a 16-ounce Café Americano. My rankings are as follows:


(0.7 miles, 12 minute walk) $2

Aixois makes number one in my list because it excels above the others in every single criterion.

Aixois is on the corner of 55th and Oak Streets, just a short walk or drive away from campus. Aixois is part coffee bar and part French restaurant.

The environment seems a little more upscale, but despite that, remains casual. Need more than just a cup of coffee for breakfast? The coffee bar has a great selection of pastries, quiche, waffles and other breakfast snacks. The lunch and dinner menus are great too, though a little on the pricey side.

If you have some time to sit around on a nice day and sip your coffee slowly, the patio seating is perfect.

2. The Roasterie

(1.7 miles, 4 minute drive) $3.25

This locally-owned coffee shop is just a few blocks south of campus on the corner of 62nd Street and Brookside Boulevard.

The interior is modern, yet comfortable, it houses hipsters and Brookside well-to-dos alike. The coffee is more expensive than some other shops, but certainly makes up for it in quality.

3. Mildred’s

(4.1 Miles, 11 minute drive) $2.60

Located in the Crossroads District at 1821 Wyandotte St., this shop is chic with a delicately-designed menu.

The environment is casual, calm and perfect for knocking out a term paper or studying for class.


(0.8 Miles 3-4 minute drive) $2.05 A Starbucks is a Starbucks is a Starbucks, yet the Starbucks at Nichols Road and Wyandotte Street on the Plaza has more to offer than most.

Sitting in the middle of the Plaza gives it instant street cred, but beyond that, the service is impeccable and the coffee is consistent.

If you appreciate this kind of uniform reliability and don’t feel like breaking out, you can’t go wrong here.

5. Latté Land

(0.8 Miles, 3-4 minute drive)

Latté Land is another chain coffee shop that will offer you consistency in your purchases. I spent some time debating whether to rank Latte Land or Starbucks higher but I’m sure either will quench your thirst and satisfy your cravings.


(Student Union)

Jazzman’s is located in the Student Union, which makes it incredibly convenient. The drip coffee is great and the lattes are tolerable. If you’re staying in one of the Residence Halls or studying in the Student Union, Jazzman’s is a great place to grab a cup of joe.

7.Einstein Bros’

(Royall Hall)

Also located on campus, Einstein Bros. is located on the first floor of Royall Hall. If you need to snag a cup of coffee between classes or are running late, there’s nothing wrong with grabbing a cup at Einstein Bros.

8.You Say Tomato

(3.5 miles, 11 minute drive)

The only reason You Say Tomato is so far down the list is because of its distance from the Volker campus. You Say Tomato is on the corner of 28th and Holmes Streets, which doesn’t make for the most convenient coffee shop for someone who needs a kick in the pants between classes. On the other hand, it is perfect for Hospital Hill students. You Say Tomato not only makes a great cup of coffee but is also a fantastic restaurant as well. I recommend checking out the brunch on the weekends, but would make sure to get there early!

9.Broadway Cafe

(1.4 miles, 5 minute drive)

Not too close, not too far. Broadway Café is on Broadway right by Westport Road. The coffee is decent, but it could desperately use more espresso.

I’m not a huge fan of the environment either. It’s a little too hipster-dense for my taste.

If you’re in the area though, a latte from Broadway Café can still cure your caffeine withdrawal migraine.

10.Westport Coffeehouse

(1.6 miles, 6 minute drive)

I’m not really impressed with this coffee shop, but the frequent live music and comedy club located in the basement helped it make the list.

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