Friday, January 22, 2021
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Top 10: Psychic Predictions of 2011


Whether you believe in astrology or not, it can be fun to see what the future might have in store for us. Some of us check our horoscopes frequently, hoping to see some sign of what has happened or will happen. Kansas City’s New Age and Metaphysical Store, Aquarius Books, at 3936 Broadway Blvd., had a panel of local psychics give their predictions for 2011. Here are 10 of their predictions, and who knows, they might just come true!

1. “The lower class and/or middle class revolt will be Sept. 17, at 3:45 p.m.,” according to Steve MacDonald.

2. “This year there will be a re-emergence of the divine feminine, the balancing of the polarities between masculine and feminine, between patriarchal and matriarchal. It’s not taking over; it’s all about the balance. We really need to take care of the men,” psychic Jewel said.

3. “This is the year to be looking at. Not 2012. This is the year of action; this is the year of choices. The really key date is Oct. 28 ….This is the day of fulfillment,” psychic Barbara Criswell said.

4. “If you are traveling to Europe this year, Italy is on the verge of a big earthquake,” MacDonald said.

5. “The city of Chicago, [its] transportation system is very vulnerable. I’m very concerned that some opportunist may exploit that vulnerability sometime in the spring time,” MacDonald said.

6. “Around July 20, there will be important decisions, debate, the death of a leader and a critical point in the war,” Criswell said.

7. “The filters are coming off. You have to monitor your consciousness and thinking, your beliefs and thoughts, because 50 years ago there was more of a time lapse between thinking negative thoughts and manifesting negative events. That time lapse is getting shorter and shorter as the energy is increasing and as everyone is moving up vibration,” Jewel said.

8. “People who are technically savvy will harness a lot of the communications technology and come up with amazing applications,” MacDonald said.

9. “The most guarded place in terms of the local area will be north of the river. It will become a haven for [people] who want to get away from some of the growing issues of the city,” MacDonald said.

10. “The period of May 22 through June 11 will be a period of assimilation of a new wave,” Criswell said.

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