Monday, January 24, 2022
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To print or not to print? Quota poses a headache for students

UMKC’s sustainability efforts are admirable, but the idea of transforming into a completely “paperless” campus can be daunting for students. Even though the majority of class materials can be found online, it is still difficult to avoid the necessity of printing.

Certain assignments (such as research papers) often require printing. Similarly, some students prefer to print out Power Point slides in order to better retain information.

In a perfect world, a print quota of $2.50 a week would be adequate.

However, when students have multiple assignments due in a week, it is easy to exceed the 25-page limit. I’m in a Creative Writing Fiction class this semester, and students are required to write two stories (with a 10-page minimum) and bring 18 copies of each story to class to be workshopped. If I were to stick to my print quota, it would literally take me seven weeks to print the first set of stories for class.

Though it wouldn’t be incredibly expensive to print the stories all at once, it’s sad to think I’m being charged to complete such a simple task when it seems students already pay so much to be involved in UMKC life.

It is relatively inexpensive to use Roo Prints for projects such as this, but the system still seems flawed. Why is it that when I don’t use my print quota for the week, my balance doesn’t roll over?

Considering students are only allowed a certain number of pages per semester anyway, wouldn’t it be easier to start the semester with the total number of pages allowed, rather than enforcing strict weekly quotas?

There may be weeks when students have massive projects due that require lots of printing, and others when they don’t need to print anything at all. If the system were more effective, this wouldn’t be a problem for anyone. If an unused print quota rolled over into the next week, some students may not face such an issue.

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