Thursday, January 27, 2022
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Tips to stay safe

Play it safe

If you keep up with the weekly police blotter, you may realize bad things can happen on campus.

Below are a few safety tips to ensure a safe time on campus.

Protect your belongings

Most students carry various items, such as textbooks, Ipods, laptops, cell phones, audio recorders, etc. These items are not cheap and no one wants them stolen. However, when left unattended for even a few moments, they have been stolen from various lounges and study locations on campus.

Secure your vehicle

The majority of UMKC student body are commuters.

Parking in the various parking zones and garages might seem okay, but chances are these cars will be parked for multiple hours. Roll up your windows and lock the doors.

Lock your doors

For the students who live in Oak Street or Johnson Residence Halls, the suite style rooms can sometimes be unsecure. For example, if you or your suitemates leave the front door unlocked, someone can come in access both rooms and take anything they can carry out. Keep your doors locked at all times.

Be cautious off campus

If you’re new to Kansas City and have yet to explore the various entertainment districts, keep in mind that anything can happen. Like any other city in the world, there is crime. Play it safe when shopping or having fun off campus, keep an eye on your money and electronics. Keep pin numbers discrete. At nighttime, be sure to stay in well-lit and populous areas.

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