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The top 5 top 5 articles of the year

Lydia Fultz

Who doesn’t love the humble listicle? Delightful, informative and a great source of evergreen content, the listicle helps fill space in the paper, but more importantly, in our hearts.
What follows is a list of the top 5 top 5 articles of the 2018-2019, based solely upon personal opinion with no kind of objective analysis whatsoever.

5. “Top 5 local coffee shops” by Angela Faherty
​Coffee is important to most college students, so it’s crucial to know where the nearest café is at all times. Also, they’re local, so for a few beautiful moments you can pretend you’re not trapped in Starbucks’ inescapable maw.

​4. “5 tips for living with a roommate” by Cierra Howe
​This list covers the basics of sharing a 12’ by 12’ space. Whether that is a dorm room or a prison cell, communication, boundaries and respect are key.

3. “Top 5 classes you didn’t know you wanted to take until now” by Chelsea Engstrom
​The UMKC course catalog is huge, with lots of esoteric offerings. This list shines a spotlight on some of the more intriguing ones, including ‘Beginning Equestrian’.

2. “Five UMKC jazz study musicians to watch” by David Basse
​I’m a bad native Kansas Citian in that I don’t know much about jazz. In fact, most of what I know comes from reading David Basse’s U-News articles. This list focuses on five UMKC students and their contributions to Kansas City’s thriving jazz scene.

1. “Top five place to cry on campus” Gary Bradley-Lopez
​This one is probably the U-News staff favorite, and for good reason. How can you not love a listicle that makes low-key digs at moldy dorms and limited parking, all while promising you insider information on “secret spots allowing you the relief you deserve”?

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